Photo © George Terzis

zoom / b12 festival / technique class

For the Zoom classes

I am excited for this; but before we start here are some thoughts:

We know that dancing from home is very different than from being in a studio. But it’s definitely a good way to connect with each other during these uncertain times.

Technical requirement

– Please download the Zoom application on your computer or your cell phone.
– Please prepare for an empty space of 8′ x 8′ (2,5m x 2,5m).
– Please make sure you subscribe to the newsletter of b12 in order to receive all the information needed for the classes.

This will ensure that our dancing environment will be protected and we will gain the best out of this period that affects our lives.

Because of that please make sure that:
– you will connect 15 minutes before class starts since it’s important to be mentaly and physically prepared and have some time together before we begin. Latecomers will not be admitted for this class.
– you are in a quiet space you can concentrate in.
– your camera is switched for the entire class in order to give corrections and interact with me. Anybody without a camera switched on will not be accepted to class.
– you are on mute in order to avoid any extra noises when the class starts. (it can be that you will be asked to unmute at certain times).

I appreciate your commitment and efforts to follow these rules in order to fully participate and enjoy this class.

Dance is always and will always connect us!

This class is free of charge. Nevertheless you can donate for the b12 festival here and for me here.

Photo © George Terzis